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Make A Difference Day

Make A Difference Day was a lot of fun. We estimated we cut a couple cords of wood for Big Brothers Friends of the Elderly all by hand. Which was quite a bummer, as we could have split twice that much if there was a splitter handy.

Make A Difference Day


Congrats to the ten new associate members of Lambda Chi Alpha!

Fall 2012 Associates

From Left to Right

Austin Guess, Austin O'Dea, Mahmood Modir, Joe Jaworski, Peter Lim, Jim Herman, Josh Esch, Adam Jonet, Matt Rajala, Travis Redman


Homecoming 2012 has finished with a lot of great memories. Brother Peter Lundin was named runner up to Homecoming King, some valiant kickball was played in some freezing weather, and Justin Sliva led the pack in the Turkey Trot (1.5 mile run) in under eleven minutes.

2012 Homecoming


Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us and Chuck. It was a lot of fun in the snow. Groups on campus participated in multiple competitions to win the prize of a Golden Pumpkin. Groups participated in shot put both in distance and accuracy, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin bowling. Delta Upsilon took home the prize with their impressive distance and accuracy in shotput.

Pumpkin Bust

House Tours

Thanks to everyone who came out and visited our house during Michigan Tech's Greek Life Tour. We are so proud of it and we are glad we could share it with you; we hope you will come visit again


It was great seeing everyone out at Mclain State Park. Met a bunch of awesome people, played some ring toss and bags, and ate a ton of candy. Could not ask for a better day at Mclain

After Michigan Tech's portion of K-day was done, a bunch of guys all went out to Cliff Drive to really enjoy what is meant by Keweenaw Day. Climbed what looked to be a "cliff" only to find out there was a nice path on the left the entire time. Even through the trials of getting up the hill, everyone had a great time and enjoyed a perfect day in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Cliff Drive

Welcome Back!

Its great to see familiar faces throughout the house and around campus. To all the incoming first years, we hope you enjoy your time getting to know Michigan Tech's Campus and hope to see you around the house real soon.


Good luck to all our members who have internships this summer and thanks to all the alumni who came up and helped make our house even better than before!

Grade Report

Another great year for Lambda Chi, everyone worked very hard this semester and it really showed. At a 2.98 cumulative GPA among active members, Lambda Chi had the third best GPA on campus and had the second best GPA for Fraternities.

Spring 2012 Graduates

Congratulations to Adam Reich, Ross Nordeen, Tyler Brown, and Dave Usitalo who all successfully graduated from Michigan Technological University!

2012 Greek Awards

Great showing at the annual Michigan Tech Greek Awards. We walked away with a very prestigious award today; Best New Member Program. Lambda Chi Alpha has always strived for an educational associate process that is not only educational about the fraternity itself but allows the new members to learn more about themselves in a strictly non hazing environment.

2012 Greek Awards

Fall 2012 Elected Officers

Congratulations to all of our newly elected officers for Fall 2012!

Officer Title Description Brother
High Alpha President Ryan Kent
High Beta Internal VP Joe Pyhtilla
High Theta External VP Alex Brown
High Gamma Secretary Alex Ciesla
High Tau Treasurer Matt Tourville
High Iota Risk Management Brett Campbell
High Kappa Fraternity Education Lee Anderson
High Delta Recruitment Andy Jensen
High Phi Ritualist Sean Koski
High Epsilon Social Peter Lim
High Sigma Academic Peter Lundin
High Rho Alumni Relations Brandon Myers
House Manager/Bills Alex Ciesla
Website Peter Lundin
IM Sport Matt Tourville

Spring 2012 Associate Class

Congrats to our seven new Associates!

Charles Hubbard, Ben Hunter, Lee Anderson, Justin Sliva, Brandon Myers, Jacob Tresnak, and Peter Lundin

Winter Carnival 2012

From All Over the State, What Makes Michigan Great was this years theme and after much deliberation, we decided to create a deere camp using Escanaba in Da Moonlight as our template. So such icons as the two holer, a wood burning stove, and a card table made its way into the scene. Unfortunately for us the unusually warm weather slowed down our progress but we managed to finish everything with time to spare and all of us were able to enjoy the night. Pictures are in the Photo Gallery.


Started off the year right with a trip to Hancock's yearly Finnish festival Heikinpäivä. We showed up in force and braved the icy waters of the portage canal during the Polar Bear Plunge.



Website Update

Check out our new Photo Gallery! Check back throughout the year as new pictures are added.

Fall 2011 Associate Class

Congratulations to our new Associates!

Brett Campbell, Andy Jensen, Matt Tourville, Matt Oestreich, Alex Ciesla